About the Project

iHistory was established in February 2014 as a blog―the one you’re on right now―by a self-described Islamic history aficionado. I (Hassam) love to do independent research into different topics in the history of Islamic civilization and Muslim communities, and this space is meant for me to not only share my findings with the public but also to use that history to inspire today’s Muslims and non-Muslims to work to create a better world for everyone. As such, this is a public history project: it is based on rigorous academic research but the aim is repackage that information for the public.

Eventually, the blog opened up other opportunities for me to share my research and inspiration. iHistory is no longer limited to this blog but has grown into a much broader educational initiative with a strong research and development (R&D) focus. The “research” has always been there; “development” refers to trying more creative ways to share that with that public. Since 2016 I have published blog/newspaper/magazine articles; given presentations at libraries, mosques, and universities in and around Toronto (Canada); carefully curated content for iHistory’s social media pages; and taken part in panel discussions, led guided tours, and designed teaching materials and poster exhibits.

iHistory remains a work-in-progress and very little is written in stone, but in the foreseeable future this project will continue to develop in this direction of providing education and inspiration through R&D. I invite you join me on this journey by exploring this blog, connecting with iHistory on social media, and helping me by sharing any questions or comments you may have about this project or about Islamic history.

About the Author

I (Hassam) am an Islamic history aficionado, which basically means I love the subject! Born in Pakistan, I arrived in Canada as a five-year-old in 2000 and have lived in Toronto ever since. I recently graduated from York University with an BA in History and Communication Studies, and aspire to pursue my MA in Islamic history (or a closely-related discipline) in the near future. In October 2017, I was recognized by Heritage Toronto as an ‘Emerging Historian’ in the city. In the field of history, I formerly worked with the Ontario Historical Society as an archival researcher (and others-duties-as-assigned, of course). I also have a journalism background, having served as Sports/Health Editor (2015-16) and Executive Editor (2016-17) of Excalibur. My work has also been published in the Ottawa Citizen. In my private life, I love to read (usually about history), play basketball, and explore the Toronto area as a foodie. As a Muslim, I strive for excellence in my overlapping service to Allāh and humanity, and am grateful to Allāh for any and all good that He has enabled me to do.

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